Remote work is growing at an unprecedented rate due to its obvious advantages, and is quickly becoming an industry of its own. As this happens, it only makes sense for both employers and employees to embrace the trend and inculcate it in their discovery process. With this global shift happening towards the 'work from anywhere' culture, remote work is no longer the future of work. It is already here. And we truly believe in it.

We founded Receptix in 2017 with the goal of assisting the right candidates match with the right career opportunities regardless of which part of the world they are based in. Over the last couple of years, we have emerged as a preferred job search destination for millions of candidates and over thousands of employers across the globe.

Why Receptix

We connect job-providers and job-seekers worldwide on the basis of our search algorithm which matches them intelligently.
To help people succeed with the best career choice. We help people achieve the best version of themselves.
Our wide reach makes sure that job seekers do not miss an opportunity and employers don’t miss the talent that is available.

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